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Lenny & Eva

braidedwrapsWe are thrilled to be carrying the Lenny & Eva line of personalised leather cuffs and braided leather bracelets. This is a beautiful collectible style fashion statement.

“Purveyors of Salvaged Sentiments”

All made in the USA with high quality leather.

The concept: You choose your bracelet. A wide leather cuff, a thin cuff or a braided leather strap that wraps around 3-4 times. Then you choose your sentiment. They are interchangeable and you can add charms after as well.  The braided wraps work with either size sentiment, and the coolest thing is that there is line for women, children and even men!

The very best part is the sentiments. There are the most inspiring and beautiful quotes for the larger sentiments and perfect words for focus, power and strength on the small ones. Some photos below show some of the examples.

Happy Easter!

Please check out our newest newsletter here. Happy Easter from all of us at Billies! We are excited to unpack our hundreds of boxes full of amazingly incredible pots, birdcages, handmade animals, feather earrings, vases, terrariums, you name it. Alanna is back from the gift show and has filled the store with a delicious assortment… Continue Reading

Happy Spring!

This slideshow requires JavaScript. It’s spring inside the shop at least as we see snow, hail, patches of blue and mostly gray and black skies. We are getting excited with the sounds of the birds each morning and have plenty of new stock in robins egg blues, teals, spring greens and plums. Among our spring… Continue Reading

Lovely Summer Weddings

This weekend we did four weddings-all relatively small and all very different from one another. I love my new camera so very much I can hardly express it! Basically it is jumping up and down excited, because finally! After so many years of doing beautiful wedding work and taking terrible photos of it all, I… Continue Reading