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Lenny & Eva

We are thrilled to be carrying the Lenny & Eva line of personalised leather cuffs and braided leather bracelets. This is a beautiful collectible style fashion statement.

“Purveyors of Salvaged Sentiments”

All made in the USA with high quality leather.

The concept: You choose your bracelet. A wide leather cuff, a thin cuff or a braided leather strap that wraps around 3-4 times. Then you choose your sentiment. They are interchangeable and you can add charms after as well. The braided wraps work with either size sentiment, and the coolest thing is that there is line for women, children and even men!

The very best part is the sentiments. There are the most inspiring and beautiful quotes for the larger sentiments and perfect words for focus, power and strength on the small ones. Some photos below show some of the examples.



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White gourds and Pumpkin Centerpieces

We have beautiful white gourds and mini pumpkins and regular gourds and pumpkins in in all shapes and sizes!

Make a beautiful white display with simple branches, white pumpkins and even our white ceramic owl vases and white ceramic pumpkins.

The store is looking all dressed up for fall and we had a wonderful terrarium and succulent planter workshop last Wednesday! Thanks everyone for coming out and getting your hands dirty!

Order your centerpieces early-cornucopias, pumpkin arrangements and modern white and orange and chocolate centerpieces.










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Happy Easter!

Please check out our newest newsletter here:

Happy Easter from all of us at Billies! We are excited to unpack our hundreds of boxes full of amazingly incredible pots, birdcages, handmade animals, feather earrings, vases, terrariums, you name it. Alanna is back from the gift show and has filled the store with a delicious assortment of surprises.

For Easter, expect the usual: twiggy bouquets, eggs adorning the flowers, dainty feathers and all the spring fave’s from tulips and ranunculus to peaonies and daffodils.

Rainy Day Wellies Bouquet












Barn wood Owl paintings










Feather Earrings in Squamish!

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Happy Spring!

robins egg blue=love


Its spring inside the shop at least as we see snow, hail, patches of blue and mostly gray and black skies. We are getting excited with the sounds of the birds each morning and have plenty of new stock in robins egg blues, teals, spring greens and plums. Among our spring and easter themed gift lines we have lovely spotted egg candles, robin egg truffles, decor eggs and felted gray lambs. See below for some inspiring photos of our brimming store!

New line of fragrance and candles-Skeem

This is just a photo of a beautiful spring arrangement using hyacinth, ranunculus, mini hydrangea and umbrella fern. It was full of texture and scent and so pretty for spring.

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Valentines and Workshops for Early Winter

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, love Billies

Come visit us this week as we deck the halls with beautiful arrangements, fragrant centerpieces, festive boquets, and lovely holiday decor. The shop is in full holiday-bustle. Stop in to take in the heavenly scents of pine, fir, and cedar. We also have unique holiday cards & gift wrap, ornaments, and plenty of poinsettias.

We’ll be open this week Dec 19th-22nd 9 am-5:30 pm, Friday the 23rd 9:30 am-6:30 pm, and Christmas Eve 8:30 am-3:30 pm. (closed Dec 25th-27th) Regular business hours Dec 28th-30th and open New Years eve 10 am-6 pm. (closed New Years Day).

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Lovely Summer Weddings

This weekend we did four weddings-all relatively small and all very different from one another. I love my new camera so very much I can hardly express it! Basically it is jumping up and down excited, because finally! After so many years of doing beautiful wedding work and taking terrible photos of it all, I don’t even have to know really anything about photography and this camera takes incredible pictures!

Pink and lovin' it!

I am grateful today for the sun, for having a day off, for my wonderful community and all the great conversations I have with them. We had our son’s 2nd birthday party yesterday-kept it simple, set up all the neighbourhood kiddie pools, sprinklers and blankets, we had organic sliders, couscous tofu chocolate cheesecake for dessert and danced around to fun kid music. I am glad to have kept it relatively stress free and without all the hype around presents and themes and all that. I just don’t want to go there until I absolutely have to! He did receive some very nice gifts though and I am thankful for that! Here’s to more sunny hot days of summer as we head off to the lake for a dip!


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Living Walls, weddings and Organic Farms

This weekend I delivered one wedding to Nita Lake Lodge in Whistler and one to Pemberton Valley Farms-in Pemberton obviously! I decided to invite Kevin and Shem with me to make it a fun family day. The day was warm, everything went smoothly and we had a great time at the farm in Pemberton.

at Nita Lake Lodge

Shem saw a peacock and was chasing after it. It was the first time in my adult life I had seen a peacock too and it was so beautiful! The vibrancy of the plumage and the rich blues and greens was enough beauty to last me awhile, except that I was standing in the most spectacular valley with huge snowy mountains towering around me. I admit I was falling a little bit in love with Pemberton that day. We stopped at the Mount Currie Coffee Co. and had a delicious lunch of organic turkey and cranberry/swiss panini’s with coffee and juice.

I really loved Teena’s wedding style-so wild and fresh-picked looking. Her wood tree place card holders were the coolest things I had seen in real life-good job Teena!
The flowers were gorgeous. I loved her bright orange bouquet-she went with what she loved, and that was that!

Playing at Bathtub Gardens Farms

Beautiful White Calla Bouquet
This is a picture of the beautiful calla lily bouquet I made for Robyn at Nita Lake Lodge last weekend. Her flowers were so pure and simple. Above you will see her ceremony arrangements which literally took my breath away as I was making them. Every once in awhile I would look up and I would catch my breath and get butterflies in my tummy just looking at their beauty. I feel so grateful when I realise that my job is, even though so incredibly busy and stressful at times, filled with beauty and colour and abundance.
Living Wall Art

We finally have our gorgeous living wall circles in store. Many of you have been looking forward to these for some time now, sorry about the delay! Please give us a call if you are interested.

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